What We Do


Bringing together the world's best gaming gear selected by gamers, for gamers.

Most of the computer components you see on our shop has been product tested by REAL gamers for a balance of high performance, cost conscious, and recognizable brands.

We have partnered up with some of the best known names in the gaming industry to bring you the best of the best,  as well as more affordable versions, for all your gaming needs.

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Our History


January 1997

This organization was started in January 1997 during the closed beta for a brand new game called Ultima Online.  Based on the Ultima lore, this game would forever revolutionize the gaming industry as hundreds of thousands would come together over the internet to connect and play with each other.  Not only Ultima Online gave birth to TLP, but it also gave birth to entire genre, MMORPG.


August 2015

In August of 2015, we decided we wanted to take TLP further than we had ever before in the past almost two decades.  We want to move towards making gaming our primary focus and --- imagine that --- quit our day jobs!  We want to provide an avenue for our partners to have direct feedback and communication with gamers.  So we set up our Stream Team, partnering with Twitch, and got to work on this site and other great and amazing things. 2016 is looking good!


Year 2016

For this year, we're looking to formally launch our shopping cart and run our exclusive campaigns for our 2016 merchandise as well as develop closer, tighter relationships with our partners and streamers.

Providing our streamers with a fulfillment center through Fulfillment by Amazon™ and a way to sell their goods online for minimal cost is important to us.  So look for that perk as you get to the TLP Titan level.

This year we will make a huge effort to attend as many of our partner events as we can and show our support for their products, bringing along our streamers and members who are in essence their customers, for they use these products the most.

Why Us


With nearly twenty years under our belt of being one of the longest-running gaming organizations in all history,��there is a certain level of trust that we've built up with not only those that call TLP home, but even members of other organizations.  They trust us and so will you.  We will do our very best to help you get into the action with a budget that won't leave you broke or disenchanted.

  • No Hassle, Trusted, Secure Payments with Pay with Amazon™, Pay with PayPal™, and Payments by Stripe™.
  • Shipping with all the major trusted carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEX, DHL
  • Easy Returns & Exchanges with reusable packaging.
  • We will make every effort to have computer components tested & reviewed by actual gamers.
  • Exclusive campaigns for certain products, such as apparel and accessories, that are limited editions so gamers can start their own collections!
  • Discounts for subscribers of our Streamers and Members of #TeamTLP.
  • Almost twenty years of experience dealing with gamers from all walks of life.
  • Over 1,200 members worldwide call TLP home and this number continues to grow.

Our Team

  • Maria Espino

Our Advantages

Special Discounts for Subscribers & Members of TLP

Streamers can give their subscribers their special #SUBONLY codes for up to an extra 15% off their cart totals.  Streamers also get an affiliate code for all their viewers to come shop with us for up to 10% off their cart totals.  Also Members of TLP get a special membership to the site for an additional 15% off their cart totals.

Partner Stores

All of our partners get a beautiful storefront in our shop that showcase their products exclusively and allow VERIFIED BUYERS to submit feedback on their products from the gamer perspective. This is very important for them to continue to grow and develop better products for our gaming community.

Streamer Stores

Again focusing on our streamers, we have a lot of folks that would enjoy buying t-shirts and knick knacks from our streamers and help support them.  But we know that streamers have often very little choice in the options to get those products out to their subscribers. We aim to make that easier for them with our partnership with Fulfillment by Amazon™.


Coming soon.

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